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Friday, January 23, 2015

Survey Central

Calling all teachers of Genius Hour / 20% Time / Passion Projects!!

Problem: Getting answers to your students' surveys...
Solution: A survey CLEARINGHOUSE!

Why didn't we think of this before? I've created "Survey Central" - a place where teachers can add their students' surveys, and ask their own students to view other surveys and help their peers.

"View only?" Can't edit this document?
     Simply ask for permission by clicking "share" and then "request access." I didn't make it editable by anyone, as we want surveys that are appropriate for all students, without spammers adding who-knows-what.

The first survey was one I saw on the #geniushour hashtag this morning - that's how they get seen. Please continue to share your students' surveys to the hashtag on Twitter, and add them to this document. Then be considerate and tweet out the survey link as well - so other students can benefit and get data for their research. Let's continue to try to create life-long learners!

Share this post with students for tips on HOW to create stellar surveys.

Kudos to Mr. Kirr for generating the name of this clearinghouse document!

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