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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Power of a Post

I have a student who has missed most of the school year, due to a disease the has wrestled with since this past July. When she does come to school, she acts as if she is fine, and she doesn't talk about why she's been home. She has joined our 20-Day Challenge (more preparation for Genius Hour), and her challenge was to blog about the books she's been reading. Her latest post was BEGGING to be tweeted out. Check out Hayley's post here.

I asked 22 different teachers, in 8 tweets, to leave their favorite book in the comments section. TWELVE teachers responded, and now this gal has many more books to add to her "to read" pile! I hope, while she's home, she's able to take the time to read and enjoy the literature we love, too! When she's feeling better, I'm positive she'll write about all she's read.

Her next post explained her disease, and she's now ready to share it with our classes. This makes me so very excited. When she does, hopefully peers will ask a lot of good questions and show some empathy.

One student-written post + one (or 8) tweets = SHARING & GROWING & LEARNING.

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