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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recording Booth

All too often we want students to record in class. How can this be done without asking them to work in the (busy) hallway not under supervision? It's time to make a recording booth for INSIDE the classroom! My husband is the man in my life who can make (and fix) ANYthing. Thank you, Bob, for helping make this small dream come true for our 7th graders!


  • 5 pieces of acoustic tile, 12 inches square (I found 6 pieces for $16.99 on ebay.)
  • Thick cardboard (Bob has ours saved in the attic from the washing machine back in 2014.)
  • Box cutter
  • Packing Tape


  • Design it so it's 12 inches tall and deep, and 16 inches wide, with the front (12 x 16) open. (Easier said than done, I know. Bob is the expert I go to.)
  • Cut, bend, and tape.
  • Stuff in acoustic tile.
  • Place an iPad in it.
  • Begin recording!

Voila! Half an hour's work in the living room on a Saturday! As Ryan O'Donnell pointed out to me in a tweet, it will reduce ambient noise, provide personal space, and give a sense of professionalism.  I'm excited that the scholars in room 239 will be able to use this recording booth for book talks, reflections, movie making, and more!

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