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Saturday, December 30, 2017

What Is the Purpose of School?

This question was posed by Kim Darche in the ICE Google forum book study about Shift This.

Here are some of the responses...
  • school is a place where students learn how to be successful people
  • the purpose of school is to show students the benefits of learning
  • as an educator, we are to help our students see their capabilities
  • Our purpose it to be and create independent, life-long learners. 
  • I look for the "lightbulb moments" where I see when a student truly understands and has made a lasting connection.  Then I know that what we are doing in the classroom will translate to what they will be able to do with that information outside the classroom...and if they are able to apply what they've learned on their own there is a true purpose.
  • to give kids the tools to be successful in life
  • school has three main purposes: cognitive, emotional, and civic development
  • a place for students to gain the skills necessary to be life long learners - to be problem solvers - to learn how gain their short term and long term goals
  • to have children grow in their abilities
  • to educate and prepare any learner for their future
  • It should be a place where kids learn to think for themselves.
  • it's about developing their skills with all of the resources that we have to make them successful
  • school is a place where students learn about the world around them through with from others
  • school is meant to help prepare students for the future by leading them to become critical thinkers
  • creating learners and future citizens, cultivating ideas and creativity, and teaching collaboration and critical thinking
  • to learn
  • learning
What IS the purpose of school?
Does your classroom reflect what you believe?

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