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Saturday, March 3, 2018



My husband Bob (@TagAlongBob) came up with the idea.

We shared it with close friends, and came up with these parameters:

  • Can't call it "EdCruise," because it sounds too much like a person, so it needs to be "EDUCruise."
  • Instead of the typical chocolates, we'd be enjoying cold shrimp and sushi for snacks
  • Tuna salad sandwiches for lunch - aw, heck - it's our dream - Lobster or Crab for lunch!
  • We won't need to reserve a place to meet afterwards for entertainment...
  • Sunning on the deck
  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzis
  • Beverages
  • The perfect time would be winter break! On a Monday through Friday...

We thought this would be the perfect idea for Dave Burgess Consulting to design - Dave and Shelley are the PIRATES!! Everyone would get a teeny pirate flag, as we probably wouldn't want to hoist one on the main deck. The rest of the time would be sharing ideas and shattering the status quo! Of course, all the authors would get a free ticket + 1 for themselves and a guest...

Now, because we only shared it with close friends, and I didn't go right to Dave and Shelley, someone else has gotten the idea...

Kudos to the EdTechTeam!

I wish they'd've (oh, how I love multiple contractions!) called me! Then this would be happening during winter break instead of summertime!

To find out more about this particular "Summit at Sea," click here. To ask Dave and Shelley to put on one over winter break, click here. And to add more ideas so the EdTechTeam and DBC can add to their own EDUcruise, add comments to this post - We'd love to learn from your creativity!

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