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Saturday, May 26, 2018


My drive to school takes anywhere from 13-20 minutes, depending on the trains and when I leave. I do not have much time to listen to podcasts. When I'm home and Hubby is home, I try not to listen to them. He's home often - he's retired. Therefore, my favorite podcasts are 10-20 minutes long. That's kind of where my attention span is, too - any longer and I get bored or frustrated and I just want to do something else.

I'm writing this post for ME first and foremost. I need a clearinghouse of podcasts that educators listen to, and I need them in a quick-to-access list that I can update. I've had many on my "notes" list on my Mac, but now it's time to put them online so I can listen when I'm out and about. Feel free to add more in the comments section - what do you LOVE to listen to? These will be listed in alphabetical order.

Short podcasts that I listen to fairly regularly...
10-Minute Teacher Podcast via Vicky Davis, aka @coolcatteacher
     The 5-day a week show for Remarkable Educators Who are Very Busy
Ditch That Textbook via Matt Miller
     Education, Teaching, EdTech
Teachonomy Talks via Chuck Poole
     A Podcast to Encourage and Inspire You Each Week
Up First via NPR
     The News You Need to Start Your Day
Across the Hall with Cade Somers and Michelle Shelton
     English teachers... funny and relevant to me... not really in the "short" category...

Popular podcasts from my PLN that I have enjoyed when I have the time...
Control Alt Achieve via Eric Curtis (valuable webinars - not podcasts)
The Creative Classroom via John Spencer
Cult of Pedagogy via Jennifer Gonzalez
Ed - Conversations about the Teaching Life via Shane Lawrence
Google Teacher Tribe via Matt Miller & Kasey Bell
The Innovator's Mindset via George Couros & Katie Martin
Inside Innovation via A.J. Juliani
Kids Deserve It (and more) via Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome
Podcast PD - Anytime Anywhere Learning for Educators
Principal Center via Justin Baeder
Rethinking Learning via Barbara Bray
So We've Been Thinking with Greg Kulowiec and Shawn McCusker
StartEdUp Podcast via Don Wettrick
Stories in Edu via Josh Gauthier & Mandy Taylor
Teachers Going Gradeless (My favorite so far was this one on motivation - with Alfie Kohn!)
Well PlayED via Michael Matera
Wired Educator via Kelly Croy

Student-Friendly Podcasts for Kids
4th Grade Innovators with Zachary Rondot
Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids
The Chat with Mrs. Burns's Third Grade
Serial (High School)
Sparkle Stories Podcast
Stories Podcast - A Free Children's Story Podcast for Bedtimes, Car Rides, and Kids of All Ages
Storynory: Stories for Kids
The Story Home Children's Audio Stories
The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
Wow in the World: NPR
35 MORE HERE - curated by Matthew Winner!

Other podcasts that were suggested to me (that I may move at any time to another category above after I've been able to listen to many myself)...
Always a Lesson with Gretchen Bridgers
The BeerEDU Podcast with Kyle Anderson & Ben Dickson
Better Leaders, Better Schools with Daniel Bauer
Books Between
Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak
Curious Minds: Innovation in Life and Work with Gayle Allen
Dismissed for ExPats
#EdChat Radio with Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair
Educators Grow with John Wawczak
EduCreativity with Jennifer Ledford
EduMatch with Sarah Thomas
Empowering Modern Learners with Jim Cash & Amit Mehrotra
Hack Learning with Mark Barnes
Heinemann Podcast
Hidden Brain (NPR)
The House of EdTech with Chris Nesi
The Human Restoration Project
I Wish I Knew EDU with Ramona Meharg
Manager Tools
My BAD with John Harper
Note to Self with Manoush Zomorodi
Personal Playlist Podcast with Noa Daniel
Pivotal Podcast with Paul Dix and Kevin Mulryne
Planet Money (NPR)
Pondering Education with Ryan McHale & Susan Jachymiak
Principal Matters with William D. Parker
Radiolab (certain episodes may have some profanity)
Ready, Set, Teach with Jason Manning
Reimagine Schools with Greg Goins
Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell
Resonating with Zach Fromm
Scholastic Reads
The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Science Friday
Shukes and Giff with Kim Pollishuke & Jen Giffen
SocialLEADia with Jennifer Casa-Todd (NEW July '18)
Sparks in the Dark with Todd Nesloney and Travis Crowder
StoryCorps (NPR)
Stuff You Missed in History Class
Tea for Teachers with John Kane
Teach Thought
Teachers on Fire
The Teachers' Journey with Brian Costello
The Techbrarians
TL Talk Radio with Lynn Fuini-Hetten and Randy Ziegenfuss
Transformative Principal with Jethro Jones
Truth for Teachers from Angela Watson
Voice of Literacy from the Literacy Association
The Yarn with Travis Jonker and Colby Sharp

More websites/blogs with even MORE ideas:
EDU Podcasts
Podcasts and Pedometers from Meredith Akers

Thank you to those who suggested some of these I had and some I had no clue were out there! @megan_hacholski, @kmwassmuth, @EuphoriaPilates, @MindfulHealthEd, @MrDsenglasss, @MrRondot, @Jwilliams0804, @catpetersbishir, @kimdarche, @DrZiro, @kevinmulryne and @RamonaMeharg.

Want some resources for HOW to podcast? Check out Larry Ferlazzo's resources.
FREE Teacher's Guide to Podcasting
Add Custom Covers to Podcasts You Make on Anchor - blog post
Two Easy Ways to Publish Podcasts and Ten Topics for Classroom Podcasts from Richard Byrne
Podcasting in the Classroom? Here's a Byte-Sized Option from Synth - Monica Burns


  1. I wonder if you could also share the software/hardware you typically use.

    1. I do not personally podcast. If you click on the podcasts above, you can see what platform they use. I'd check there, and then contact the podcasters that seem the best for you to ask how. :)

  2. What an honour to have my Teachers on Fire podcast featured on this amazing list!

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing list, Joy. I just subscribed to 6 new podcasts - I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me this morning, and I'm actually looking forward to it!!

  4. Thank you for curating this awesome list! I shared it on Twitter @LynnDanielleTre