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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A bit more planning...

(Have a sheet with these expectations on it ready to hand out!)
-explore a topic of choice
-find out what you want to know about that topic
-generate a question that you believe many students will want to know the answer to (RIT.9)
-this question may be modified at any time
(share Bloom's taxonomy questions at this stage)
-research to find the answer to that big question (W.7 & W.9)
-you will need at least one book and one article to cite evidence that helped you formulate your answer
-present your findings to the class (SL.4 & SL.5)
How to grade progress?
Weekly journal check-ins
One-on-one conferences
Presentation of findings
TED videos?
Set up Today's Meet for general research questions
Time for students to research

For a later date...
- Scheduled dates for one-on-one conferences
- Mr. J. comes in to help students navigate Kidblog, and to remind students of the acceptable use policy
- Mr. Hillmer comes in to help students navigate EBSCO, and any other research ideas...
- Brainstorming session on how to present findings, along with citations from sources
- Include TED talks

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