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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today I was asked to add a testimonial to @mrsdkrebs and @gallit_z wiki - This was a result of sharing. No... Let me go a step further - This blog was a result of sharing. Oh, okay, how about another step - Me getting active on Twitter was a result of sharing. And that, my PLN, has resulted in students having a passion for learning in my classroom.

 So, it's time I gave back, by doing what got me here - SHARING. I put my name in today to share what I can in 3 45min sessions the first day of school regarding Twitter. I would love every teacher in my district to have what I have. I have a personal learning network of like-minded teachers, and there are no complaints. There are questions, to be sure, but then come the flood of suggestions! It is like no other Professional development I've had, and it puts me in contact with people from around the globe, all with one goal - for students to have a passion for learning.

Please keep the blogs written, the tweets tweeted, and the conversations going!

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  1. Amen! I so agree, Joy! Good for you for signing up to lead the Twitter sessions. Because of all I have gained over the last year or so, I have volunteered to lead that session in June on PLNs (the one for which you wrote on the linoit) and just yesterday I signed up to do one next fall on Genius Hour! Woohoo! (We'll know a lot more by the time that one comes around!)

    Thanks for sharing!