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Monday, May 14, 2012

What works for you?

What's the best way? What works for each situation?  Kidblog?  Weebly?  Edmodo?

We use blogger for my HW blog.  Of course, that's connected to the Edline page for LA/LIT, and vice versa.  And on each one is a link to our Kidblog.  Ugh.  Can't I streamline anything?

As the school year is winding down, I'm seeing more and more that I need to get the "right" tools for next year. I've used Kidblog this year for my genius hour projects, and it worked okay for the first couple of weeks. (We started in February.) Finally, students are commenting on each other's posts, but then they don't go back to look and see if their questions were answered. I don't think they should have to go back to that student's blog post again - I think it should show up on a discussion thread or...? I just know that this group of students does not go back EVER again. It's difficult to get them to post comments in the first place, much less go back and see if something else was written in response to their own comment.  (The two students who commented on Elizabeth's post below never knew she wrote back to them!)
This is one reason I put the question out there - Kidblog or Weebly? But of course, there are more options... One I'm considering for next year - Edmodo? Can students write back and forth without it getting too overloaded with too many comments? Some comment frivolously - just to comment. Would this be an issue with Edmodo?  What about clogging up your inbox?  Is there some place on the web that compares blog tools for schools?  A true blog is a journal - can students keep these blogs going after they've left your classroom?

Today I seem to have more questions than answers - again.  And I need to do tons of research this summer. Hopefully the students will benefit from it!

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  1. I'm trying out posterous on the iPads this summer. Students will be posting their first blog entry and comments. I'll let you know how it goes! Btw, love the genius hour idea. We've been building a curiosity tag in Evernote. I think genius hour could be a wonderful way to expand on that!