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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yesterday, in Genius Hour we read books. Cici read The Host by: Stephenie Meyer. During reading, we had a 1 on 1 conference with Mrs. Kirr. She called us over 1 by 1 beckoning us with her pointy jagged finger. "Come here child!" she said in an ominous voice as the frightened and helpless child nervously staggered toward their doom! The "interrogation" was about where our reading level is and how much we read on a daily basis. It was also about our reading goals.

This dreadful message w as brought to you by Shane and Nicholas "Nick Nac".

                                                         SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!


  1. Dear Shane and Nic Nac,

    I enjoyed reading your funny post. It sounds like your writing is fresh out of a fairytale. Or perhaps you are Souls inhabiting and writing through Shane and Nicholas. (Ask Cici if you don't know what Souls are.)

    Actually, I'm guessing that your teacher invited you to write a post on the Genius Hour blog because she recognizes your genius in writing humor and marvels at your extensive vocabulary.

    Here is a bit of advice for next time: If you add a title, your readers can get the permalink and share your genius post with the world.

    Thanks and keep up the great work,

    Mrs. Krebs

  2. Shane and Nic Nac,
    I laughed as I read this post. Obviously I enjoyed your humor. I love the description of Mrs. Kirr's finger. Great verb - staggered.
    Good Job

    Mrs. McGuire

  3. Dear Shane and Nick Nac,

    I loved reading this creative piece of writing, particularly the description of "her pointy jagged finger" and "she said in an ominous voice as the frightened and helpless child nervously staggered toward their doom". I hadn't realised how threatening a conference with the teacher might be for the doomed students. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia