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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Social LEADia

Darn you, Jennifer Casa-Todd.

I was perfectly happy having class Twitter and Instagram accounts. We were sharing photos of what we were doing, adding hashtags to get more views, and every now and then we asked an author or an expert a question.

Darn you, student LEADers.

I was perfectly happy following my own students on Instagram, and giving them comments to support their positive posts. I hadn't a CLUE what you were capable of, and didn't have a clue how you could affect my own students with your examples. Now I've got my work cut out for me, because my students HAVE to see your ideas!

Darn you, #Hashtags.

I was perfectly happy adding teacher hashtags to our posts. Now I've got so many more hashtags I need to expose my students to... #KidsCANteachus will be the first one, since I met the almighty @thelivebits in Boston at the BLC conference while reading this book!

These are ALL good things - very positive steps for @KirrClass this next school year. But darn you, Jennifer Casa-Todd. I now feel an OBLIGATION...

  • to look through the myriad resources you cited so I may understand more.
  • to teach digital citizenship, aligned with face-to-face citizenship.
  • to expose my students to some of the best role models on social media EVER.
  • to share these ideas with every adult who says "social media is bad."

THANK YOU, Jennifer Casa-Todd, for lighting this fire under me. I had a shift ready for my next
school year, and now I know the next one. It doesn't have to be big - it will be inclusive. I will find ways to include the ideas you shared with my students, weaving them into our other lessons about "close reading," empathy, kindness, and every other place they fit!

One more thing... When you purchase Social LEADia on Amazon, make sure to use AmazonSMILE, choosing the charity of your choice! Mine is Soaring Eagle Academy - it's local, and it was started by a good friend of mine! EVERY time I use Amazon, I use the AmazonSmile link. It's right and good.
As of today...

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  1. Joy, thank you so very much for this post. I agree that once we know this is possible and that there are amazing students out there doing so much good, that we absolutely need to share. I can't wait to see what you and your class do. You are such an incredible role model for us all and your students are so lucky to have you as a learner with them on the journey!