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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Another Blog

I've been sharing my (rambling) thoughts on another blog recently: Passion, Purpose, Product

These new posts have been inspired by two books I've enjoyed this year...

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Image result for small great things by jodi picoult

I don't want to call it a "project," but I'm categorizing it as my seventh "genius hour" project for the blog purposes. I started that blog to share with students my reflections on various things I'd tried. This new effort is to get me to think about my own assumptions, biases, and prejudices, with the hope I'll be more cognizant about them first (already working). The next step will be to help me have the tough conversations with my students. Finally, I hope to be able to find the nuances (that lead to stereotyping) in all I read or see and be able to help young learners see them, too.

Check it out if you'd like. Better yet - contribute to it. What biases do you notice you have as you go through your day? Why do you think you have these. They are a natural part of being a human being. The next step is to recognize them, and know that they may be wrong. Have the conversation with yourself, then be vulnerable and let me know when you're ready to contribute your thoughts.

We need to keep having the conversations that keep us thinking!

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