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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Which blog tool?

Today I saw a tweet from @gallitzvi regarding her students' e-portfolio. She has her students on Weebly. Mine are on Kidblog. I'd like to know what each can do... Can students keep their blogs for years to come? Is there a fee for Weebly? How user friendly is each? Are there teachers out there who have used one or the other and can comment here for me? Thanks!


  1. I've never used Kidblog, but yesterday two students made a Weebly site for genius hour:

    They really liked it, and it seemed easy to pick up. I'm thinking of using Weebly for student digital portfolios like Gallit does.

    Thanks for asking this good question! I hope you get some feedback.


  2. Weebly! I teach 7/8 English and had the kids make their own website using this . It was very easy to manage .

  3. Some of my students used Weebly for their mystery project and found it very user friendly. It's free but of course you can upgrade:)