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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Issues Encountered...

April 10th - Why are all the presentations Prezis or Keynotes?? Let's get creative!

One-on-one conferencing - I need to make this more about HOW students are researching or preparing for their presentations - not WHAT they're reading. I KNOW what they're reading - I read the blogs! As for visiting teachers, they can either quickly browse student blogs, or ask them what they're reading. I know this focus will come when nonfiction is mandatory.

April 11th - Briana has lost her verve, or her excitement to present on bullying to her 7th grade team. We met this Today at lunch (a different group), and she suddenly thinks her presentation was boring and classmates were just being nice to her at the time. We should have jumped on this earlier. I want to ask her for her Prezi outline and do it myself, but then where's the learning? SHE's got to to this herself, so she can feel proud of what she's done.

April 17th - @Hughtheteacher retweeted @virginiapav and @henricksent "Commenting IS as important as blogging! How have you contributed to the learning of others?" Makes me think again about requiring commenting next year - to create that community of teachers and learners in the classroom.

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