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Friday, April 6, 2012


This morning I had an idea... I decided to create a new blog, created right from the notes I've been taking on Evernote. So, I noted the dates, copied the content, and posted each as if it was that date. I wanted other educators to be able to learn from my mistakes and celebrations, just as I have recently been learning from the Twitter educators I follow. When I finished this copy/paste activity, I let my British Columbia Twitter friend and my Iowa Twitter friends know, so they could post this blog on the #geniushour wikispace they've created (web address in last posting). Later this afternoon, I received a reply from one - asking educators like me to read her blog. I'm posting it here, now, so you can read it as well. The network of teachers I'm learning from is amazing, and the sharing of ideas always keeps my dream alive - that I CAN reach students... That I CAN get my 7th grade students to love reading, and learning... That my students WILL write for a purpose.. And that great ideas will be shared. Please check out this website: Integrating Technology: My Journey

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