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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Justin Bieber

Rachael's presentation was on Justin Bieber today... We had met a few lunch periods, because she wanted friends to help her with her Prezi, and because she wanted to know how to present it. I did not advise regarding organization - I only focused on student interest... Why is Justin Bieber important to the class? What will she do when some students don't care about what she's saying? Together, we devised a lead and a quiz of sorts to keep student interest throughout. When she started, I felt as if I needed to have audience points - she really involved the class, but it seemed as if they were talking over her. Or we're they? I watched the video to see if it's true... Glad I recorded it! Do I need to give the audience points? I don't want to, and this class was so good with Briana's and Sarah's presentaions... The more I wrote my reflections, the more I thought I should stick to no points for the audience.  After seeing the video, I noticed they were playing along with what Rachael was doing - asking for answers on whiteboards throughout the presentation. She was also quick with answering questions that were blurted out, which made it "okay" to keep it up. They were not being disrespectful.

Also, do I need a time frame for presentations? Rachael's was really long... 25 min. or so. Is that okay? I don't want to put a limit on something that could be worthwhile, or something that the students are really interested in. Just the time frame of the class period then, right? Another concern - now that Rachael is finished, she doesn't know what to read. I would hate to see her read "any old book" now that she's finished. She is not one of my book lovers, and I don't want her to just revert back to reading just because I said she should...

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