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Thursday, April 5, 2012

More ponderings...

Questions I've been thinking about... Do I need to push the nonfiction? Not at this time. I think next year I will require it for two quarters... Q2 & Q3? Then they can continue with nonfiction for independent reading, or revert back to fiction if they'd like. When doing nonfiction, I feel like I should require analysis of websites, and citing quotes directly from cites and/or books. They can keep their notes on Kidblog, and then use them when they present. What bothered me about Briana's prezi is that I don't know what information she had was reliable... I still worry about it - should I have her show me NOW? I don't think so. I will have this more structured before next year. Should the students be expected to present? Not this year. But next year, I believe they should - at the beginning of Q4? It IS an experiment this year, to be refined, as always!! Another concern is Kidblog. At the start, students commented on each others' first two blogs, but we're supposed to have four by now, and it's already stopped, for the most part. Is there another website that will encourage more comments? Do I need to teach how to write an engaging subject line?? I think I might do that on Wednesday.

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