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Monday, December 12, 2016

Extra Credit

I haven't provided extra credit for a few years now (even before I learned from Rick Wormeli), but I thought I'd stress how WONDERFUL it is to not see these memes as even remotely funny anymore now that I'm only giving feedback in lieu of marks throughout the year!

Some teachers still provide extra credit - because it helps students learn. 
Isn't the work you already assign helping students learn? 
What's the reason you're not willing to allow students to redo or revise something they've already done? 
Is it time to re-evaluate the quality of your assignments and assessments?

When will this attitude that it's "all about the grade" diminish?
When can children truly start to believe that it's all about the LEARNING?

Reposting this photo of a painting done by one of my former students... Maddie M.
"It's not about the grade. It's about the learning..."

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