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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Blog Challenge Lessons

This post is week 8 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators. 

It's list-making time...

1. Any educator (or any person, for that matter) can make a blogging challenge. Penny Christensen shows us how here!
2. I can be accountable to a challenge I didn't even expect to do.
3. I can appreciate Penny creating a blog challenge - it must be a bit difficult! Thank you, Penny!
4. I don't like to be told what to write. I kept looking at my lists of things I'd wanted to write about, and I tried to match them to the question I was supposed to be answering (even kind of for this one).

To answer the prompt for this week: What will I keep from this blog challenge moving forward?
     I know I don't like to be told (or suggested) what to write, and will continue to keep this in mind when I'm asking my own students to write as I have in previous years. It's pretty engrained now! I feel I write better when it's something I NEED to write.

Have you started blogging yet? Do you need a nudge? The "resistance" chapter (9) in Shift This has reasons WHY educators should blog (at least as a personal reflection tool), and LOTS of help is here for you on this page of the Weebly. If you need a reminder, tweet to me @JoyKirr and let me know how often you'd like to write. I currently remind two other educators, and can easily add you to the list!

Please keep writing - and share YOUR thoughts and ideas. You never know who you'll impact, and how far it will reach. 💕

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  1. Good thoughts, Joy. I like how you know yourself as a writer. I might be the opposite as far as blogging goes--at least lately. My posts seem to come most often from blogging challenges.

    How often do you challenge yourself to write? You have really kept up blogging regularly. I have lots of fits and starts. I'm going to try to post at least twice a month, but a reminder would stress me out. So don't add me to the list, please! :)

    Thanks for encouraging me with your comments this summer,