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Friday, July 17, 2020

Days 121-126 Ramblings

Sunday, July 12, Day 121 - Trump wore a MASK for the FIRST time in public. Well, to be fair, he wore it to visit wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Seriously? It's Day 121. Over three million Americans have died from COVID.  
Mecum auto auction was on television. I noticed many white men spending lots of money. I also saw masks and face shields and somewhat social distancing. I also heard the difference in speech of those with masks on and those with only face shields.

Monday, July 13, Day 122 - Rice University in Houston is going to host some classes outdoors - some in circus tents.
Our library opened! They still have curbside service, and I have to say I only touched the ONE book I checked out.

Images that have made me go, "Hmmm..."

Wed., July 15, Day 124 - More than 11,000 Children Test Positive for Coronavirus in Florida
Also... you can get a mask with YOUR FACE on it. I'm considering this clear one, though.
Also... Our superintendent hosted multiple Zoom sessions (with more to come for at least a week) to answer any questions we had about various items.
Also... I seriously practiced WEARING MY MASK IN THE HOUSE. I tried for 25 minutes.

Fri, July 17, Day 126 - 
What if #45 had SHUT DOWN the U.S. for three full weeks? Would businesses be up and running totally now? Would students and teachers be ready to go back to the buildings? I hate lingering on "what ifs," but this annoying bugger keeps biting me in the butt.
I love that many educators in my district are joining - and sharing thoughts - on our three book clubs this summer that focus on equity.
My district approved a resolution (?) last night at the BOE meeting: 

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