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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Student Station Success

Still hiding behind a teacher's desk?
Try transforming it!

I've had this since 2012, and it's a dream. 

What you don't see:
     The side of the desk says (largely) "Student Station." Visitors can easily see the name.
     There are various magnets on the side of the desk.

Why is it successful?
     Students don't ask me for supplies that are - rightfully - theirs.
     Students keep it neat, as it's their space.
     Students sit here by choice when they feel they need to sit by themselves.

Hints for those who want to convert their teacher's desk:
     Make sure students know that not all teachers have a student station.
       (Other teachers expressed disgust when my students took things off their desk!)
     Fill it up with supplies - students will police each other when it comes to using "too many."
     Provide time for students to explore each drawer so they know where supplies are.
     The "shoe shelf" is nice. I found the one pictured at a garage sale for $5.
     Keep a vase filled with live flowers or even weeds (cattails pictured).

Consider trying it! You won't be disappointed.

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  1. I really like the idea of it's not the teacher's desk but a place where student can get some supplies they need (if forgotten) and can also sit there and learn. I really wanted to sit at the teacher's desk when I was younger and now people can! Great Work!