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Sunday, August 30, 2020

My School Year Prayer for 2020-2021

My Prayer / Hopes / Dreams / Wishes for 2020-2021 - a year like no other.

At the start of my 26th year as a teacher, I pray...

...for the teachers, that they may make the connections they seek, and that they are a beacon of light to their students on this difficult journey.

...for the parents, that they find balance in work and play and school and discipline and really listen to their children and learn along with them.

...for the children, that they find school engaging, relevant, and are aware that we all love them and want to help them learn and make their world better.

...for the parent-teachers, that they find childcare and balance somehow.

...for the administrators, that they not act until they know in their heart they're doing the right thing.

...for those who want in-person schooling the way it was, that they find patience and perspective.

...for all - strong internet.

...for those who are scared, that they find ways to keep covered and distant until we find a vaccine, and that they reach out to others who will lend an ear.

...for those who spew hate, that they find quiet and peace to another route to try.

...for my family, that I may not bring sickness home with me, and that they, too, stay safe and not share it amongst themselves.

...for myself, that I may find strength to combat hate with patience, be creative with ways to know my students through a screen, and that I may continue to try to look after my own mental and physical health while trying to be the best I can be in the classroom.

...for those I have left out because I still have a ton to learn in my own life, that they may know there are people in the world trying to see you, trying to hear you, and trying to include you. 💚


Photos from my school (which has educators teaching students who are home):

First days - meeting in the gym.

I threw away my footstool/seat & Yvette's (broken but usable) gaming chair. 
Karen threw away her blue round seat, too.

This is new (to me) furniture, borrowed from another classroom. It now fits 15 students.

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