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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day 12 - Sun and Warmth

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Suddenly, spring has arrived in Illinois!

Oh, the people out and about - I don't think we've EVER seen so many people out walking and enjoying the sunshine! The temperature got up to 58 degrees today.

As for us, we got on our bikes for the first time this season. We tooled around, checking out a new part of the park district path and heading to the post office to deliver a (possible pen pal) letter to a local group home. We stopped to stretch at a skate park near our home that had a few visitors... most of them keeping six feet away from each other.

We also went for a drive (with the top down - yeah, baby!). Signs on churches said things like, "God will bring peace when you go to pieces" and "You can still pray at home." There were also positive messages on banks about "tough people" and "overcoming obstacles." (I took pics, but they didn't come out.) We waved to everyone, and many waved back. Dogs are really enjoying their humans home to walk them! Mom and Dad even took a drive to Fort Sheridan to sit on a bench by the water for an hour. Perfect.

New advertisements started yesterday... One from the CDC with symptoms and who to call, a couple from Burger King introducing their app for delivery or pick up, and one from Michael's with pick up or delivery service on their website.

Challenges from educators are popping up like crazy!

  • Principal Kaese's second challenge is to design an airplane and see how many sidewalk squares it flies.
  • Paul Bogush is sharing challenges from students for teachers - full of humor.
  • My friend Karen went on a scavenger hunt with her daughter around the neighborhood, put on by the teachers at her daughter's school!
  • Heck, my husband has his own challenge - the "Chair-A-Day" challenge. He says, "There's one seat I don't sit in for the day. Makes me look forward to sitting on it tomorrow. I've only done this because of Corona, you know?"
  • Yesterday I celebrated "Socks Never Worn Before Day." (Schoology socks I "won" at an edcamp!) 

Today's vibe was much more positive than the previous eleven days... The sun and warmer weather made a HUGE difference.

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