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Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 14 - Ramblings

Friday, March 27, 2020

I believe people are wondering a lot more. I've always wondered, "Why" this and "Why" that. I wonder if our students have always wondered as much, since so many they have the answers in their pocket if they just search. I hope people wonder more when all of this is said and done.

We went for a morning walk. Saw one guy, one couple, and one mom and two older sons out walking. The one man said, "Stay safe," and of course I teared up as we passed. Why? I was simply wondering what his story is.

I did grocery shopping while Bob waited in the truck. So hand soap or isopropyl alcohol still. Didn't look for toilet paper. We've really cut down, and I'm proud of us. We should still keep our eyes open.

The 7th grade ELA teachers met via Zoom to chat about plans for next week.

I did what I've been putting off... I figured out what I would think my students earned this term. Since we couldn't meet to chat about it, I thought I'd put the grade out there and see what each student thinks. If they disagree, I'll ask them to explain. And we'll go from there! Surprisingly, I did NOT get a migraine, and it was fairly simple. There were more "A"s than ever this year! Ah, revisions! 👍

Two fingers in my right hand hurt today. They started hurting yesterday. I think it's from playing the banjo 10-15 min/day. I know, I know. BIG problems.

Bob's friend finally got in contact with him. Yippee!

I picked back up with "P.E. with Joe," as I took yesterday off. I figure taking one day now and then also Sunday will work better than taking both weekend days off.

Brought some supplies to Mom and Dad, and we chatted for about an hour - through the screen door. I loved it and hope they did, too.

We ordered steak tacos and picked them up (for carry-out, obviously).

And that's today. The last official day of spring break, and day 14 of staying away from others.

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