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Monday, March 16, 2020

Day 3 - E-Learning Begins

My school district has the first five days of e-learning ready for students. This includes today, Wednesday 3/18 through Friday 3/20, and then the Monday after spring break. (We were going to not have school Tuesday, due to voting.) The administrators at the main office have created choice boards for students to complete for each day. This has been such a relief for our staff.

Some of us went in today. Hubby asked me how many went in, and I have no clue. I kept to my room after heading to my mail box, and I think I saw ten people all day - no more than eight people in the room at a time, and almost all of us sat at different tables.

I scoured my nonfiction shelves and our book closet for books, since there's only so much I can read online. (I'm currently reading a book on Hoopla on my laptop Indistractable, a Libro FM audiobook on my phone Stamped: A Guide to Racism, Antiracism, and YOU, and a hardcover Sal and Gabi Break the Universe.)

Even though I left at prime-time driving time this morning, I saw fewer cars on the way to work. On our walk today, we saw one man and his dog, the mailman, two others walking, and about six high school kids on the football field at the high school.

We called Hubby's sister in Arizona, and she says her community is leaving in droves. They had a shortage on gasoline in Colorado as many "snowbirds" were heading out in their trailers and motor homes. Many in her community headed back to Canada, as their health insurance won't pay for treatment if they contract the virus. Then she goes on to say they're going to play bocce ball tonight, even though the attached bar is closed. AND she's got a cruise to Italy scheduled for August. AND she and our brother-in-law have compromised immune systems. So there's that.

I asked in a text to my niece and nephew, "What did you learn today?" and they both told me there's no e-learning. I added, "yet." It's amazing how so many school districts are doing so many different things. Who was prepared for this? The names for it are "distance learning," "remote learning," "learning from home," and "e-learning." I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones I've seen the most. I suggested Rosann write in her diary (which she has on Google docs).

I've started a project list. Today's project was organizing and cleaning out my work email.

I also made my first Instagram "story," letting the kids know that I learned that we should be sticking to a routine - get showered and dressed every day. I kind of had to tell myself the same thing...

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  1. Yes, routines are good! And your documentation of this process is a great idea, Joy.