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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 26 - Kindness

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

On our walk today, we stopped to stretch at the rink next to the water park. There were three adult males playing some sort of hockey. As we were stretching, a mini van pulled up with at least three kids in it. The boy got out, and after some hesitation, he asked the men, "Can I shoot at one goal?" They responded quickly, "Sure."

It simply warmed my heart.

When I got back to my laptop to check if I had any work email, I noticed that one family sent me photos of their child with their pet. I felt like sending a photo back! I didn't, but maybe I will next week. The caption can read, "Here is your ELA teacher two weeks after her scheduled hair cut."

In other news...

  • Last night we watched lightning miles away from our home. It was exciting and beautiful.
  • Grocery shopping on a Wednesday morning isn't bad. I spent $150 on Easter basket supplies for my parents and my sister, her husband, and their two eighth graders. I would say it was a pleasant experience. I did not wear my mask, because I didn't see hardly ANY people.
  • Bob got out on a beautifully sunny walk even though he's aching all over today. 
  • Bob and I saw tiny white-with-pink flowers all under the big oak trees at the local high school.
  • We said hello to many people on our walk.
  • We saw the huge friendly black lab-mix dog barking hello to us today. He's not so scary when you see his tail going crazily.
  • It's raining this late in the afternoon, and we're heading to the front porch to experience it.

Hang in there, people.
Document somehow if you want to remember this or share this with someone in the future.


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  2. Good advice, Joy. I love the snippets of life you share. Why don't you head on over to Two Writing Teachers on Tuesdays, and post the links to your sweet slices of your life? It's a lovely writing family. https://twowritingteachers.org/